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MCDBA - Here I come!

Well, I took the SQL Server Administration Exam (70-228) and passed with a score of 757 yesterday. It was my first MS Exam so I was a little nervous.

Next up: SQL Server Development (70-229), then C# Web Applications (70-315) and finally Windows 2000 Server Administration (70-215). If all goes as planned, I'll get these completed within a couple of months.

I'm more of a developer than administrator so I found the exam to be fairly difficult. I figured if I could survive my weakest subject on the first outing then it should be downhill after that. We'll see!

It's been a long time since college, but I actually kind of enjoyed the studying and have learned a lot I hope to apply in my job.

If anybody has any words of wisdom for studying or have opinions about whether I'm wasting my time, feel free to reply.


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# re: MCDBA - Here I come!

"It's been a long time since college, but I actually kind of enjoyed the studying"

This is scary! I never like studying. As for whether you are wasting your time, I don't think that time is wasted when you have to push yourself to learn stuff. I am a terrible test taker, so I have never tried but one exam, like seven years ago, and it ended in sadness. I keep thinking I will try again, but never seem to have time!

Congrats, and good lukc on the rest of your exams.
5/2/2005 12:05 AM | Louis Davidson

# re: MCDBA - Here I come!

I personally found 228 to be MUCH more difficult than 229, due to the horrible quality of the questions. I'm sure you'll have no issues from here on out -- except maybe with the windows admin test?
5/3/2005 9:00 AM | Adam Machanic

# re: MCDBA - Here I come!

Well i reckon that the 229 is a lot harder that the 228 that was a breeze to be honest, lot more to take in on the 229 and a lot more fiddley but i did take the 229 then the 228 so when studying for the 228 i found that the 229 covered most of the subjects
3/28/2007 12:11 PM | Gelder
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