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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

SQL Server 2005: Top 10 New Features

I ran across a article on Builder AU entitled: SQL Server 2005 Secrets, posted August 10, that should be more aptly titled “SQL Server 2005: Top 10 New Features”. Either way, its a good update on what to expect.

Here's another article entitled: SQL Server 2005: The BI Release from the August issue of SQL Server Magazine.

I'm most excited about Integration Services, which is the successor to DTS. It's more of a totally new product than a simple upgrade. My first impression is that it appears to be an industrial strength ETL tool that will squeeze the major players in this market space. Along with Analysis Services and Reporting Services, these products comprise a toolset for developing enterprise BI solutions that will be hard to beat.

Anybody have thoughts or experience with the new Integration Services that they would like to share?

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