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February 2007 Blog Posts

Gather a Database Inventory

As a DBA for a large corporation, I manage literally hundreds of databases. In order to help keep track of all the databases and log files, I needed a way to quickly gather an inventory of all databases located on each sql named instance, so I came up with this simple little script that also includes a filesize in megabytes column:  USE [Master] GO SELECT sysdatabases.name AS 'db_name' , (select 'file_type' = CASE WHEN sysaltfiles.groupid = 1 THEN 'data' WHEN sysaltfiles.groupid = 0 THEN 'log' END) as 'file_type' , sysaltfiles.name AS 'file_name' , (sysaltfiles.size * 8 / 1024) AS 'file_size(MB)' -- file size in MB FROM dbo.sysdatabases JOIN dbo.sysaltfiles ON (dbo.sysdatabases.dbid=dbo.sysaltfiles.dbid) WHERE sysdatabases.dbid NOT...

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