Monday, May 05, 2008
BizTalk Database Maintenance

Out of the box, BizTalk Server 2006 doesn't provide any tool for auto clearing and cleaning up database used by BizTalk, this cause problems like performance and data storage issues. While browsing BizTalk installation directory (\BizTalk Installation Folder\Schema) I've found out few sql scripts that can used to cleanup the MessageBox  = BizTalkMsgBoxDb and Tracking = BizTalkDTADb database.

To clean MessageBox:

1) Stop all BizTalk related services.

2) Open Analyzer and open sql script:  msgbox_cleanup_logic.sql, press F5 (this will create the sp) - be sure to use BizTalkMsgBoxDb.

3) run bts_CleanupMsgbox

4) Start services.

For Tracking:

1) Execute dtasp_CleanHMData sp from BizTalkDTADb 

There are many sql script located in that Schema Directory and by reading and analyzing this scripts it will give us better understanding on how BizTalk stores the data.


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