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SQL MDS - Updating the Name attribute of member using Staging Table

Creating member is usually done by populating the Member Staging Table (tblStgMember), during this process you assign a value for member code and member name. Now if you want to update the member name attribute you can do this by adding record in Attribute staging table (tblStgMemberAttribute) with Attribute Name = "Name". If you try populating the tblStgMember table it will say that the member code already exists.   INSERT INTO mdm.tblStgMemberAttribute (ModelName, EntityName, MemberType_ID, MemberCode, AttributeName, AttributeValue) VALUES (N'Product', N'Product', 1, N'BK-M101', N'Name',N'Updated Member Name Description')

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Installing Master Data Management on Windows x64

I've tried to installed it on Windows x64 machine and based on documentation it's pretty straight forward install. But upon running the site I'm getting an error which is W3SVC-WP could not load ISAPI Filters, at first I've no idea what this is, I tried serveral thing like reinstalling IIS, registering and even reinstalling the MDM and reconfiguring report server. I've been doing this for the next 2 hours then finally it worked, this is the steps I've performed ( see Highlighted part ) 1) .NET 2.0/.NET 3.5 2) Install SQL, SSRS 3) Create a user with create db permission 4) Configure SSRS - optional 5)...

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