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I spoke at SQL Saturday #77 and all I got was this really awesome speaker's shirt!

Yeah, it was 2 weeks ago, but I'm finally blogging about something!

I presented Revenge: The SQL! at SQL Saturday #77 in Pensacola on June 4.  The session abstract is here, and you can download the slides from that page too.  You can see how I look in the speaker's shirt here.

Overall it went pretty well.  I discovered a new bit of evil just that morning and in a carefully considered, agonizing decision-making process that was full documented, tested, and approved…nah, I just went ahead and added it at the last minute.  Which worked out even better than (not) planned, since it screwed me up a bit and made my point perfectly.  I had a few fans in the audience, and one of them recorded it for blackmail material posterity.

I'd like to thank Karla Landrum (blog | twitter) and all the volunteers for putting together such a great event, and for being kind enough to let me present. (Note to Karla: I'll get the next $100 to you as soon as I can.  Might need a few extra days on the next $100.)

Thanks to Audrey (blog | twitter), Peg, and Dorothy for attending and keeping the heckling down.  Thanks also to Aaron (blog | twitter) for providing room and board and also not heckling.  Thanks to Julie (blog | twitter) for coming up with the title for the presentation.  (boo to Julie for getting sick and bailing out on us)  And thanks to all of them for listening to a preview and offering their suggestions and advice!

Cross your fingers that I get accepted at SQL Saturday 81 in Birmingham, SQL Saturday 85 in Orlando, or SQL Saturday 89 in Atlanta, or just attend them anyway!

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# re: I spoke at SQL Saturday #77 and all I got was this really awesome speaker's shirt!

I like you post
7/1/2011 1:07 PM | Piyush Srivastava
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