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September 2011 Blog Posts

SQL Saturday #89 in Atlanta!

(Yeah yeah, technically it's in Alpharetta, but it's close enough.) Saturday…Saturday….Saturday…. September 17th.  TWO THOUSAND ELEVEN! OK, it's not a tractor pull, but it's even better:  FREE SQL SERVER TRAINING!  They have a bunch of great speakers lined up, and for some reason, me.  (Protip: be good friends with the program committee, have sufficient bribe funds, and if all else fails, lots of alcohol, drugs and a camera.  Ba-ZING!  You too can speak at SQL Saturday!) I will be presenting Revenge: The SQL! in a new and improved SQL Saturday themed presentation.  Actually, it's the same ol' presentation, I just updated the slide...

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24 Hours of PASS: Whine, Whine, Whine

24 Hours of Pass (or 24HOP) is a great program offered by PASS to provide free, online training for anyone who wants to learn more about SQL Server.  They routinely have the best SQL Server presenters available for these sessions, and attract hundreds, perhaps even a thousand attendees from around the world.  This is definitely one of the best things they've started doing in the past few years, and every session I've attended has been excellent. So why am I so grumpy about it? I'm not really, pretty much everything here is a minor annoyance that I can...

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How to do an ER Diagram

As a follow-up to my earlier post, I found yet another great free resource that the "professor" and the poor students taking that class should look at.  I found this via the excellent material Stanford provides for their open course on Databases. You'll notice how the example ER diagrams look nothing like the one the "professor" created.  They're clear, readable, have descriptive text, and use standard UML notation.  They also have accompanying SQL to show how the two languages relate and translate to one another. And if anyone is wondering (because I've been asked): I don't know if I'll...

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