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HSSFS Part 2.1 - Parsing @@VERSION

For Part 2 of the Handy SQL Server Function Series I decided to tackle parsing useful information from the @@VERSION function, because I am an idiot.  It turns out I was confused about CHARINDEX() vs. PATINDEX() and it pretty much invalidated my original solution.  All is not lost though, this mistake turned out to be informative for me, and hopefully for you. Referring back to the "Version" view in the prelude I started with the following query to extract the version number: SELECT DISTINCT SQLVersion, SUBSTRING(VersionString,PATINDEX('%-%',VersionString)+2, 12) VerNum FROM VERSION I used PATINDEX() to find the first hyphen "-" character in the string, since...

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HSSFS Part 3: SQL Saturday is Awesome! And DEFAULT_DOMAIN(), and how I found it

Just a quick post I should've done yesterday but I was recovering from SQL Saturday #48 in Columbia, SC, where I went to some really excellent sessions by some very smart experts.  If you have not yet attended a SQL Saturday, or its been more than 1 month since you last did, SIGN UP NOW! While searching the OBJECT_DEFINITION() of SQL Server system procedures I stumbled across the DEFAULT_DOMAIN() function in xp_grantlogin and xp_revokelogin.  I couldn't find any information on it in Books Online, and it's a very simple, self-explanatory function, but it could be useful if you work in a multi-domain environment....

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Handy SQL Server Functions Series (HSSFS) Part 2.0 - Prelude to Parsing Patterns Properly

In Part 1 of the series I wrote about 2 lesser-known and somewhat undocumented functions. In this part, I'm going to cover some familiar string functions like Substring(), Parsename(), Patindex(), and Charindex() and delve into their strengths and weaknesses. I'm also splitting this part up into sub-parts to help focus on a particular technique and/or problem with the technique, hence the Part 2.0. Consider this a composite post, or com-post, if you will. (It may just turn out to be a pile of sh_t after all) I'll be using a contrived example, perhaps the most frustratingly useful, or usefully frustrating, function in...

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Handy SQL Server Function Series: Part 1

I've been preparing to give a presentation on SQL Server for a while now, and a topic that was recommended was SQL Server functions.  More specifically, the lesser-known functions (like @@OPTIONS), and maybe some interesting ways to use well-known functions (like using PARSENAME to split IP addresses)  I think this is a veritable goldmine of useful information, and researching for the presentation has confirmed that beyond my initial expectations.I even found a few undocumented/underdocumented functions, so for the first official article in this series I thought I'd start with 2 of each, COLLATIONPROPERTY() and COLLATIONPROPERTYFROMID().COLLATIONPROPERTY() provides information about (wait for...

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