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Criminals and Other Illegal Characters

SQLTeam's favorite Slovenian blogger Mladen (b | t) had an interesting question on Twitter: I liked Kendal Van Dyke's (b | t) reply: And he was right! This is one of those pretty-useless-but-sounds-interesting propositions that I've based all my presentations on, and most of my blog posts. Read more →

SQL Saturday #220 - Atlanta - Pre-Conference Scholarships!

We Want YOU…To Learn! AtlantaMDF and Idera are teaming up to find a few good people. If you are: A student looking to work in the database or business intelligence fields A database professional who is between jobs or wants a better one A developer looking to step up to something new On a limited budget and can’t afford professional SQL Server training Able to attend training from 9 to 5 on May 17, 2013 AtlantaMDF is presenting 5 Pre-Conference Sessions (pre-cons) for SQL Saturday #220! Read more →

T-SQL Tuesday #31 - Logging Tricks with CONTEXT_INFO

This month's T-SQL Tuesday is being hosted by Aaron Nelson [b | t], fellow Atlantan (the city in Georgia, not the famous sunken city, or the resort in the Bahamas) and covers the topic of logging (the recording of information, not the harvesting of trees) and maintains the fine T-SQL Tuesday tradition begun by Adam Machanic [b | t] (the SQL Server guru, not the guy who fixes cars, check the spelling again, there will be a quiz later). Read more →

SQL Saturday #89 in Atlanta!

(Yeah yeah, technically it's in Alpharetta, but it's close enough.) Saturday…Saturday….Saturday…. September 17th. TWO THOUSAND ELEVEN! OK, it's not a tractor pull, but it's even better: FREE SQL SERVER TRAINING! They have a bunch of great speakers lined up, and for some reason, me. Read more →