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MSDN Webcast: Microsoft Tools for .NET Performance Tuning

This webcast wouldn't benefit me (I'm a DBA), but...


MSDN Webcast: Microsoft Tools for .NET Performance Tuning


11:00AM-12:30PM Pacific Time, US & Canada (GMT-8)

David McKinstry, Senior Consultant, BORN


Applications are usually developed with specific performance and scalability requirements in mind. When the application is nearing completion, how do you verify that you've met these requirements? If you've missed, how do you measure and retune to meet these requirements? This Webcast will examine several Microsoft tools and show how they can be used to measure and tune .NET applications. You should plan on attending for demonstrations that will help you troubleshoot and tune performance problems using tools, like the CLR Profiler, Application Center Test, and the Windows? Performance Monitor.


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