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SQL Server Reporting Services

I attended the SQL Server Reporting Services event yesterday in San Diego.  I hadn't downloaded the beta version of it, so this was my first look at the product.  I was impressed with it.  But now I have to get IIS and VS .NET installed in order to use it, which is going to be a pain since my MSDN subscription expired (it's being renewed but that'll take a couple of weeks).

As a DBA, you are often asked to query production data because the application doesn't provide what is needed.  We plan on using Reporting Services to create a few reports so that the people needing the ad-hoc data no longer have to ask a DBA to retrieve it.  I'm sure that my organization will use the tool for other things, but this is what we plan on using it for in the next month or so. 

I'm hoping that the tool is as easy to use as it appeared to be in the demonstration.

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# re: SQL Server Reporting Services

Actually, all you need to create reports is Notepad, RDL is just plain XML <g>.
2/2/2004 8:58 AM | Roman Rehak

# re: SQL Server Reporting Services

Yes I realize that. But I want to get more familiar with the product first.
2/3/2004 9:16 AM | Tara

# re: SQL Server Reporting Services

Business Objects is still years ahead in terms of ease of use.

A little costly for an individual (15K) but not for a corporation. The savings in time spent alone will be worth it.
2/5/2004 6:04 AM | Valter Borges

# re: SQL Server Reporting Services

But for what I am planning to do, anything over 5 bucks is going to be too expensive since there won't be a return on investment due to the reports being used internally only.
2/5/2004 12:10 PM | Tara

# re: SQL Server Reporting Services

Well. Business Object might still be years ahead...but look at their environment...you have to be a friggin' architect to construct a "universe"...

And think of the size of the head of the person who came up with the term "UNIVERSE".......still they had to buy Crystal Reports to (try) to stay ahead.

No, like it or not - but Bill will win this battle too - BO can kiss their a** goodbye witin the next year or two.

Reporting Services migth be a "80/20" solution, but I am sure it will prevail.

8/11/2004 10:49 PM | Kenth Astrom

# re: SQL Server Reporting Services

9/20/2006 12:41 AM |

# re: SQL Server Reporting Services

Does anyone know of any Reporting Services training anywhere, anytime soon?

Please let me know, ok?


9/27/2006 11:00 PM | Sam
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