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Have you tried out YourGMap? It allows you to plot multiple locations on one map (Google Maps) and publish it to the Internet for others to see.  We are currently using it to plot the houses that we've looked at or need to look at in search for our new home.  Our real estate agent probably has a similar tool but I doubt it's as efficient as this one. 

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UPDATE STATISTICS stored procedure

Here's the stored procedure that I use to update statistics on a database.  I don't use sp_updatestats as it doesn't allow you to change the number of rows to sample.  I typically run it weekly on the databases that I support.  CREATE PROC isp_UPDATE_STATISTICS(@dbName sysname, @sample int)AS SET NOCOUNT ON DECLARE @SQL nvarchar(4000)DECLARE @ID intDECLARE @TableName sysnameDECLARE @RowCnt int CREATE TABLE ##Tables( TableID INT IDENTITY(1, 1) NOT NULL,  TableName SYSNAME NOT NULL) SET @SQL = ''SET @SQL = @SQL + 'INSERT INTO ##Tables (TableName) 'SET @SQL = @SQL + 'SELECT [name] 'SET @SQL = @SQL + 'FROM ' + @dbName + '.dbo.sysobjects ' SET @SQL...

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