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Defragmenting Indexes in SQL Server 2005

UPDATE: This stored procedure has been updated. I have modified isp_ALTER_INDEX, which is the stored procedure that I use to defragment indexes in SQL Server 2005.  The changes include one bug fix and one feature request.  The bug fix was simply to add "SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON" to the script.  You'd only see the bug in special circumstances, such as if you were using indexed views.  The feature request was to add the ability to log the fragmentation data.  The logged data could be used to determine if you want to rearrange the index or perhaps add/remove columns...

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FastCopy - fastest Windows copy product?

If you've ever had to copy large files on a Windows platform using the Windows copy method (copy/paste in Windows Explorer or copy/xcopy commands), then you know how slow it is.  Recently I had to setup database mirroring for a largish database, so I needed to copy the full backup to the mirror server.  The database is about 110 GB in size, but since we use Quest's LiteSpeed product, the full backup is just 35.8 GB in size.  I had heard about FastCopy, which claims to be the fastest Windows copy product, so I decided to do comparison tests.  ...

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