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Red Gate Software

Last week, I received a new laptop. For the past few days, I've been installing all of the applications that I need. Today, I decided to tackle Red Gate's SQL Compare. Read more →

SQL Server 3rd Party Tools

Which SQL Sever 3rd Party tools do you use? We've been using Red Gate's SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare for a few years now. I rarely use the data compare tool though, but not because it's not a great tool. Read more →

SQL Server 2005 Roadshow

Get Ready for SQL Server 2005 “Get the facts about migrating to SQL Server™ 2005 in one information-packed day in a city near you! SQL Server experts from Scalability Experts, DevelopMentor, and Hitachi Consulting will present practical, real-world information in three tracks—administration, development, and business intelligence. Read more →

Paging in SQL Server 2005

Over in the SQLTeam forums , we had a long discussion/debate about paging in SQL Server 2005 . Adam Machanic shows us his solution to this problem. Legacy Comments Shaju 2004-11-29 re: Paging in SQL Server 2005 Hi Tara, Can you send me the rss links for SQL Server - Database Administration (rss) SQL Server - General (rss) SQL Server - Reporting Services (rss) Thanks Shaju davidmartin 2005-07-04 re: Paging in SQL Server 2005 help me out 4r paging sql server database with jsp 10 records per page Munawar Ali 2006-11-24 re: Paging in SQL Server 2005 http://davidhayden. Read more →

Auditing DDL in SQL Server 2005

Benjamin Jones shows us an example of using extended triggers to capture DDL statements. Very cool! For those of you wondering...DDL - data definition language - examples: CREATE/ALTER/DROP TABLE, CREATE/DROP INDEX Read more →

Trigger tip

A common mistake when first creating a trigger is thinking that the inserted or deleted tables will contain only one row. This is not true. However many rows were affected by the INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE is how many rows will be in the trigger table. Read more →


Why is it that you can pass a built string to xp_cmdshell but you can't build your string at the same time. What I mean is this: This is legal: Read more →

Analog Clock

Duane Dicks has a script that can display an analog clock in Query Analyzer. Make sure your results are in text and your font is Courier. Read more →

SQL Server Books Online January 2004 Update

MS updated SQL Server 2000 Books Online again: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=a6f79cb1-a420-445f-8a4b-bd77a7da194b&displaylang=en Legacy Comments DavidM 2004-01-21 re: SQL Server Books Online January 2004 Update Thanks Tara! Marcus Tucker 2004-01-24 re: SQL Server Books Online January 2004 Update Thanks for the heads-up! Read more →

Controlled DELETE

So how do you DELETE thousands/millions of rows from a table without blocking anyone for long periods of time? Well, here is an example: DECLARE @Count INT DECLARE @Error INT Read more →