Hello everyone.  My name is Travis.  I'll try not to blog about my (nearly) three year old son all the time :)  I'll also try not to be one of those guys who blogs ONCE, to say “Hello everyone” and never comes back.

Just so you know a little about me...  I've been neck-deep in computers and programming since I was in high school in the early 80's.  Yes, I started with a Commodore 64.  I just knew the Amiga was the best thing ever.  I hated Windows.  Hated Microsoft.  I programmed in “E.“  Then came Windows 95 :) 

I've been Director of IT where I work for about seven years now.  We're an all Microsoft shop, using Studio since version 5, and SQL Server since version 7.  Other than Tivo, I think ASP and SQL Server are the best things money can buy.  That's mostly what I'll be blogging about.

Is anyone reading this?



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# re: Hello

left by Tim at 10/22/2003 9:27 PM Gravatar
yep :)

# I'm reading this.

left by Monkey at 10/22/2003 9:33 PM Gravatar
Yes I am reading this, and I use a macintosh. BLERP.

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left by AjarnMark at 10/22/2003 11:07 PM Gravatar
Travis, welcome aboard! It looks like I have a couple years on you, because I started with the Commodore Vic-20 with a cassette tape for storage. HA! Boy I thought I'd really hit the big time when I got a C-64 with a 1541 floppy. (OK, really, the first computer I used and programmed was a CompuColor II, but hardly anyone has ever heard of those!)

And since I've done a bit of ASP and SQL Server myself, I look forward to kibbitzing. :)

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left by Jeff at 10/23/2003 6:41 AM Gravatar
I was lucky enough to have a commodore 128 !!! Fewer PEEKS and POKES. But to this day I still remember lots of 8-bit 6502 assembly code. I'll never forget learning "modern" assembly language in the late 90's and being floored by all the 32-bit registers and the command set -- WOW !

though i started with the TI-994A -- anyone remember that one ?

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left by Rick Culpepper at 10/23/2003 12:39 PM Gravatar
Hey, Travis!

I started back in the days of 80- and 96-column punch cards, 8" floppy disks and 14", 10MB removable disk packs. Those were the days!

Mark, my first programming experience was on an IBM Series III with 8" diskettes, then an Apple II+.

Jeff, I had a TI-99/4a, too. Neat little machine / toy / whatever. Of course, these days, it's more likely a boat anchor or museum relic. I work on his big brother, the TI 990 minicomputer that ran first the DX/10 operating system and then DNS. COBOL on a multi-user mini-computer in 1979. WOW!

Travis, yes, there are some of us reading. Check my .NET blog out if you are interested. Some C#, Configuration Management Application Blocks, some infrastructure stuff... and the occasional personal rant!

Oh, and by the way, I have a 3-1/2-year-old daughter and a 4-1/2-year-old son. I know what you mean about not blogging about them all the time!

Take care. Welcome. And Good Luck!


# My Name is Travis Too

left by TRAVIS!!!!! at 12/21/2003 10:56 PM Gravatar
hey man, my name is travis too!! thats just crazy!!! wow, who would have thought it? not me. well, what more shal i say? yah, like, f' yah. This is freekin me out man. i think im gona have to go see a dr. WOW!!!
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