Expansion Diary Part 7 - The Rush

After weeks of testing and a small rollout we've finally put our new queue system into play for everyone.  What a rush!  There were glitches at first, when the new system was under heavy load for the first time, and we worked hard all day... but in the end it was and is AWESOME.

I have a profiler running constantly which logs for me every query that takes 5 seconds or more to run.  I use this to keep an eye on what needs to be tuned, as well as to let me know what business activities are hitting at any moment when the system is dragging.  It is an easy sign of progress to monitor this list closely.

I'll share with you perhaps the most easy to understand metric that shows how well the new system is performing:

When you sum up the number of seconds that these long running queries take to run for a given day, plenty of days it adds up to well over 1000, sometimes more than 3000 minutes.

Yesterday, with more users than ever before: 101 minutes total for the day.

Oh, I guess there is one more metric worth mentioning - the smile factor.  Ahh, walking around this place is a fun thing again :)


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