Looking for work!

The time has finally come for me to move on, and I'm looking for a new start in 2005!

I've been "Director of IT" for 8 years, "Database and Application Developer" for 12 years, and in some aspect of IT Management for 15 years.  I've been the primary DBA for SQL Server 7 and 2000 for the past 6 years.  My focus for the past few years has been on ASP.NET and SQL Server.  As seen on this blog, I've devoted a lot of time to Performance Tuning, and I think I have a lot to offer the right company.

I've done all of the database design, implementation, maintenance, and tuning, while also doing a great deal of the application development.  As the company grew, I hired other talented developers, but always kept a part of the development work for myself, so my skills are sharp.

My skills and experience are mostly Microsoft based.  I began with VB3 and VBA.  I “graduated“ into writing web applications back before ASP was an optional add-in for NT4, and never looked back.  I've done a LOT of ASP.OLD work.  I've created a LOT of COM objects to host in MTS/COM+ for use in those ASP applications.  I've created and used custom ActiveX controls for intranet applications.  I've converted large ASP applications to ASP.NET, written Windows Services, a ton of Web Services, and utility type software in .NET.  I've developed Disaster Recovery Plans, and have had to actually implement those plans.  I will bring experience, integrity, and a great work ethic with me.

I'm seeking a company that will allow me to continue to develop my skillset.  I think I'd be equally excited about a DBA position, a .NET Developer position, or another Leader type position.  I don't want to be “just a manager.“  And I don't want to have to care about the Exchange server going down :)  That can be outsourced.

If you know of any opportunities in the greater Philadelphia area, please contact me via the form on the blog.

Thank you!

Travis Laborde


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left by John Kapps at 9/21/2006 2:27 PM Gravatar
We have an open per position in Marlton NJ
Please contact me for the job description.

up to 90K

John Kapps
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