December 2007 Blog Posts

  • Parker Says YES!

    So our wonderful two-year-old Parker (he's 3 now but I'm just slow posting these days) was having an argument with his mom..  Things were getting just a bit heated when Jessica yelled out the the standard line: Mommy Said NO!!! To which Parker had a resounding answer: PARKER SAYS YES!! I suppose she didn't like it when Carter and I laughed so hard we had to leave the table... :)

  • Philly.NET Code Camp 2008.1 - Looking for Speakers!

    I'm looking for speakers in the Tools/Languages track for the Philly.NET Code Camp 2008.1. This will be held on Saturday, January 12, 2008 at DeVry University in Fort Washington. Some topics not yet covered but I'd love to see presented are: NDepend NAnt MSBuild CIFactory Reflector ReSharper If you would like to present on any of these, or have other ideas please let me know! Travis