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How to post a question for a database

Since, I'm tired of retyping this...If you want to get an answer fast about a database question (doesn't matter the platform) and it's sql related....Do this

Please state your problem in the context of a business requirement. Please do not force a narrowly focused technical solution, which may or may not be of any value.  It may also be a distraction to what the actual solution would be. To aid in the solution please do the following if possible

1. State the question

"How do I find the earliest row entered"

2. Please post the DDL of your tables (Including Indexes, and constraints)


CREATE TABLE myTable99(Col1 int, Col2...

3. Post some sample data in the form of DML


INSERT INTO myTable99(Col1, Col2, ect)
SELECT 1, 'x', ect UNION ALL
SELECT 1, 'x', ect UNION ALL
SELECT 1, 'x', ect UNION ALL

4.  Post whatever DML that you have attempted already...

SELECT * FROM myTable99 CROSS JOIN myTable99 [:D]

5. Post the expected results

Thank you, and come again.

 EDIT:  Please post your question in the appropriate category here at SQLTeam

And don't forget to use [ code] [ /code] tags when posting code, just eliminate the spaces I have used here.

EDIT2: A FAQ Section

Q: How do I create DDL as requested in step 2?


1. Go to Enterprise Manager.

2. Open the database folder to display all of the tables.

3. Right Click on the table you want.

4. Choose Menu options All Tasks>Generate SQL Scripts

5. Look at the dialog, there are three tabs. Make sure you pick all the correct options (indexes, keys, ect)

6. Click Preview.

7. Copy and paste the code.

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re: How to post a question for a database
Even I could understand that instruction.

Joe Momma
re: How to post a question for a database
I still dont get it.

Brett (Not just a Number...huh?)
a Joke?
Joe, that's a joke...right?

Xerxes from SQLTeam
re: How to post a question for a database

The proper abbreviation for etcetera is 'etc.' not 'ect' which you have in your example.


Peter Larsson
re: How to post a question for a database
This is really important. But I think you have to do a new blog with "the other side".

We who supply help and aid beginners must also test our own solutions before posting them. The solution might not be the one the original poster asked for due the misinterpretation, but nevertheless must the solution work.