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My, isn't THAT intuitive.

I still have a SQL Server 2000 server.

Don't blame me, blame my ISV.  The upgrade to their software to support SQL Server 2005 is coming out in August.  Of 2006.

Anyway.  I still have to support this thing.  And it's a fairly large database, with some sensitive information in it.  And we have on call developers who need to support some of the jobs running.  They needed access to be able to view jobs and job history.  So I went in and added them to the SQLAgentOperator role…oh uh…wait.  There isn't one in SQL Server 2000.  So I gave the developers DBO to MSDB.  Didn't work.

So I did a google search, and came across this:

You have to add them to the TargetServers role. 

Let me repeat that.  I have to put my developers into hte TargetServers role. 

Yup.  That's totally intuitively obvious.

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Remote DBA
re: My, isn't *THAT* intuitive.
funny :)
Microsoft is known for its misleading abbreviations and aliases. This is a good example!