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Dave's guide to the EAV

I created an article instead of a Post (what's the difference?).

I hope you find it informative...

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re: Dave's guide to the EAV
David -- can you add some line breaks to some of the longer lines of code? The article requires lots of horizontal scrolling (at least in FireFox) .

Alistair Bayley
Relational DataTable operators
Hi David. Sorry about posting to a completely different topic, but I can't seem to find any other way to contact you ... (Nigerian Money Scam pitch follows :-)

Seriously though, I have been using your .Net DataTable relational operators, and have made a few improvements and fixed a few bugs (and written some NUnit tests). Your code is very useful; much more so than the pathetic DataSetHelper. Would you like me to send you the code I have? Perhaps you could release it as a bundle, rather than expect users to aggregate it (and reformat it) from various blog posts?


Alistair Bayley
re: DataTable Relational operators
How can I contact you? I have some improvement to the DataTable Relational Operators which might interested you.