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Full-time MCTs…Less Value?

Do you find that fulltime MCTs (and other teachers) are somewhat limited in their value to students? To me...all teachers should be practicing in the REAL WORLD what they are educating others on! Now before I get any further I can already hear the comments..."what about demos/labs"...Demos & Labs are HARDLY REAL WORLD! In college, I had much the same thoughts..."why is this guy teaching me if he’s so good and not out there DOING IT"?
Personally, I enjoy teaching and even more so I enjoy seeing others learn, but if I only lived in academia my value to any potential students/attendees would be more limited! Why?
1.     I could not relate the technology as well to real world uses and labs/demos
2.     I could not relate to students/attendees when discussing certain pros/cons of architectures or given technologies/platforms.
3.     The bulk (if not all) of my material would be based on others writings and/or probably a limited amount of my own research.
I am by no means saying fulltime MCTs and other teachers do not provide value but when compared to someone who does the actual job in the real world (assuming the real world teacher also has comparable teaching skills) there is NO COMPARISON! And I suppose that is the pro of being a fulltime teacher, your presentation etc. skills should be much better honed but look at the cost!
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Legacy Comments

Tom Powell
re: Full-time MCTs...Less Value?
Old Air Force saying:

Those who can't do teach,
Those who can't teach evaluate,
Those who can't evaluate set policy.

I think that applies to the academy as well.

I agree with your evaluation of the importance of actual experience. The rub comes with your comment "assuming the real world teacher also has comparable teaching skills". The environment that gives you experience may not be the one that teaches you to teach.

Chris Randall
re: Full-time MCTs...Less Value?
Those who can, do.
Those who can do and teach, do sometimes and teach sometimes.
Those who can do, and did for many years but got tired of travel, teach.
Those who have done and now teach are those whose classes you want to be in.