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SQL Server 2008: RC0 New Features

Well, the new SQL Server 2008 build Release Candidate 0 (RC0) has been available for a bit now and I have had some time with the new build. The word "build" brings up a good point actually, before we go any further I want to review the last few SQL Server 2008 version numbers. You can retrieve your SQL Server 2008's database instance's version number using either @@Version or the serverproperty function, for more information see one of Euan's old posts here .The last few SQL Server 2008 versions are as follows:

  1. November 2007 CTP: 10.0.1075.23
  2. February 2008 CTP: 10.0.1300.13
  3. June 2008 RC0: 10.0.1442.32

So what is brand new in the RC0 release? Well, thus far I am not finding a lot but I believe this is because the product is now in RC status and thus much closer to the ship date! However, there are some new items I have come across and there are probably more. If you happen to know of a SQL Server 2008 RC0 feature that is not in my list please comment the post and I will add it.

*SQL Server 2008 Books Online (BOL) RC0 unfortunately is not explicit about what the new features are in the RC0 release. There were some components in the past  SQL Server 2008 CTPs that were documented in this manner and I wish BOL would remain consistent in that documentation convention while the products are in CTP/RC status.

  1. Marketing
    • We have a new logo for the 2008 product (see above), you can find more background information here.  
  2. Tools
    1. In Management Studio, when we connect to ANY SQL Server server we are given an option to specify additional connection string parameters.
    2. Enhanced installation routine which also requires a new version of Windows Installer
    3. Enhanced installation Center utility
    4. New SSIS Connections Project which serves as an alternative to the Import/Export Wizard
    5. Report Designer Preview morphed into what is now known as Report Builder 2.0 and is part of the accompanying Feature Pack.
    6. New Activity Monitor (per Graz on SQLTeam, thanks!)

 3. Samples

  1. Updated RC0 Sample Databases (

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