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MCM & MCA Programs…Great if you’re not in BI

This is my biggest frustration with the advanced certification programs at Microsoft. Microsoft has clearly identified the need to create advanced certification programs yet Business Intelligence has zero representation! I have created past Connect suggestions and even made in-person suggestions on live meetings yet I keep receiving a response of “not now”.

Is Business Intelligence not deserving of its own advanced certification programs? Clearly Microsoft sees the value in the Business Intelligence industry via its large efforts on creating the best enterprise BI platform available in the market!


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Remote DBA
re: MCM & MCA Programs...Great if you’re not in BI
Hi Derek. Really, initial requirement to hold MCITP DBA and DBD credentials for sql server 2005 are quite strange for the MCM in SQL Server 2008. I think that $18k for this record anyway is a bit tooooo much even with current 30% discount.

re: MCM & MCA Programs...Great if you’re not in BI
frankly, I dont think 3 weeks of the most advanced training on the subject for 15k is overpriced...had some inside news on the labs and this looks awesome, I see this as something that could fastrack your career