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Attunity Receives Readers Choice Award for Oracle-CDC for SSIS

If you have not yet checked out Attunity and their line up of data integration components for SSIS your missing out! Attunity is without question one of the elite SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) 3rd Party Providers and the company's recent award of a Reader Choice Award from Visual Studio Magazine is yet another sign of the company's commitment to SSIS Excellence. Read more →

Join me on October 15th and learn how to quickly deliver actionable information to your company's leaders

Learn how to strengthen your company's overall health and help your business thrive in this tough economy - without ever leaving your desk. Attend this exclusive series and discover how to quickly deliver actionable information without any significant software costs or long running data warehouse projects. Read more →

Azure: Data Mining in the Cloud

SQL Serverdata mining has always been somewhat of an overlooked, niche technology. There are several logical reasons for SQL Server data mining’s slow adoption. First, there are few companies that take the time to consider if they can benefit from the technology (OLAP tends to be the technological “stop point” in modern day). Read more →

MCM & MCA Programs…Great if you’re not in BI

This is my biggest frustration with the advanced certification programs at Microsoft. Microsoft has clearly identified the need to create advanced certification programs yet Business Intelligence has zero representation! I have created past Connect suggestions and even made in-person suggestions on live meetings yet I keep receiving a response of “not now”. Read more →

BI in a Tough Economy

The signs of a tough economy surround us all. Many Fortune 500 companies have laid-off workers and those who are still employed fret over their job’s near-term outlook. The housing and financial markets have been shaken to their core and the new president is promising change that cannot seem to come quick enough. Read more →

Game Changing Announcement for Microsoft BI

Adapted from my colleague's (Barry Ralston) post at SQL Server Magazine BI Blog...  Today, in a message to the Business Intelligence Partner Community, Microsoft announced a major change in the alignment of the BI flagship product, Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server. Read more →

OLAP's Ante to Play: OLTP

I'm starting to read various chapters from 'Programming Microsoft SQL Server 2008' by Leonard Lobel and his co-authors. I found his Chapter 14, 'Data Warehousing', contains a very good section on the solutions and technologies that were 'main stream' prior to the deployment of data warehousing and business intelligence solutions. Read more →

The Importance of Planning in BI

Business Intelligence projects (like software development projects) are prone to bad or completely absent planning prior to their start. Most of us that work in the technology industries are busy professionals that can never seem to find enough time. Read more →

So you want to be a Microsoft DW/BI Pro

As a follow up to some recent feedback (actually a question) here is some more in depth information on becoming proficient in the Microsoft Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence stack. Get the terms straight Business Intelligence or BI is an umbrella term for various business processes, tools, and methodologies which support improved organizational decision making. Read more →