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Azure: Data Mining in the Cloud

SQL Serverdata mining has always been somewhat of an overlooked, niche technology. There are several logical reasons for SQL Server data mining’s slow adoption. First, there are few companies that take the time to consider if they can benefit from the technology (OLAP tends to be the technological “stop point” in modern day). Read more →

MSFT Exam 70-455

This morning I passed my next exam, 70-455. This exam is the upgrade to SQL Server 2008 for existing MCITP BI professionals on SQL Server 2005. The exam's corresponding study guide can be found here: http://www. Read more →

SQL Server 2008 RTM Today

My friends over at SQL Server Magazine posted this today...SQL Server 2008 RTM! Microsoft continues to up the 'ante' in the Business Intelligence space, cheers. Update: Official Press Release: Read more →

SQL Server 2008: RC0 New Features

Well, the new SQL Server2008 build Release Candidate 0 (RC0) has been available for a bit now and I have had some time with the new build. The word "build" brings up a good point actually, before we go any further I want to review the last few SQL Server 2008version numbers. Read more →

SQL Server 2008: Release Candidate 0 (June) Available!

Fellow SQL Friends, a colleague of mine notified me today of SQL 2008 (June) RC0's availability at: SQL Server 2008 RC0: SQL Server 2008 RC0 Feature Pack: Cheers Read more →

SQL Server 2008: Deprecated & Discontinued Features!

With the impending arrival of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 come several new enhancements. These enhancements can be categorized as new capabilities, old constraints removed, and improvements in scalability. In the SQL Server community (including this blog) you can find numerous amounts of information on the new features found in SQL Server 2008…however you seldom see much on deprecated features. Read more →

SQL Server 2008: PowerShell (PSH) Integration

Before I get into this new SQL Server 2008 feature I want to briefly review why we have a new command-line in the Windows platform…In the current Windows ‘landscape’ we have a variety of technologies that can be used to programmatically administer various Windows data stores: 1. Read more →

SQL Server 2008: SSIS Data Profiler Task

Finally, we have a Data Profiling Utility w/SQL Server !!! With SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) 2008 you will have access to the new Data Profiler task. The SSIS 2008 Data Profiler Task is an easy and effective method to profile your target source systems (tables & views) prior to building ETL solutions consuming their data. Read more →

SQL Server 2008: The Data Collector

Based on CTP6 (Feb 08' build): Drop me a line and let me know your thoughts and experience with the new Data Collector subsystem! Its nice to get a few minutes to post a blog, things have been busy (which is good) . Read more →

Migrating DTS to SSIS 2008

Hi Guys, I've pushed two solid posts on DTS to SSIS 2005 or 2008 on Scalability Expert's App Compat blog as of late. We have done some good work in the SQL2008 space and the blog contains some of our results, thoughts, etc. Read more →

SQL Server 2008: GroupBy Enhancements

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 introduces several enhancements & changes to how we group and aggregate relational result sets in TSQL. What follows is a simplistic listing and overview of the grouping/aggregate changes we are seeing in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 CTP5: 1. Read more →