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Vendors….We shall slay them and take their precious.

Does anyone else have problems with lying, cheating, stealing vendors promising the world and delivering nothing???

We've been dealing with E&& for several months now and I can't say I've ever been more disappointed in a vendor that hires sales staff who know absolutely nothing about how the product REALLY WORKS.

We have 30 databases, with the production instances currently on the EMC SAN.  The hardware and technical support have been great, but we want to expand our product to include backup, development, reporting, and staging.  We decide to purchase ERM (SQL Server replication manager) and SnapView (to clone LUNs).  We draw a diagram of the environment, draw process documents, and detail all daily processes that will be involved based on what they tell us.  They approve it and agree that the software solution will work exactly as we understand, so we buy it. 

Now, here's where the evil sales people bash us over the head and run away laughing maniacally.  They never bothered to tell us that ERM will not support more than one database on a LUN (which equates to a drive letter on a server), even though our drawings all had it designed that way..  They didn't think this was important, even though they approved our environment having multiple databases on one LUN. 

WE HAVE 30 DATABASES ON OUR PRODUCTION SERVER IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me see. 

That's one LUN for logs.  COUNT 1 STUPID. (Because our log files are on RAID 1+0 instead of RAID 5 like data, they have to be on seperate LUNs.)

That's one LUN for data.  COUNT 1 STUPID.

That's multiplied by 30 databases.  THAT'S 60 STUPID.

That's multiplied by 4 environments.  THAT'S 240 STUPID.

So, we're supposed to manage 240 LUNS.  DID THIS NEVER OCCUR TO ANYONE???????????????????

Oh, and we're on Windows 2000 Advanced Server.  They're not sure if we can even see that many drive letters now.  AND, even if we can, they don't know if their product will work with it.  If they do get it to work though, guess what....the Clariion CX-400 won't support that many LUNs either.


Favorite words used: 2 (stupid, suck, lie, end-user, idiot, evil, bash, stinking, filthy)

Mean level (1-10):  7 (It's late.  I just got done working.  I'm grouchy.  If you want a real blog, see

Education level (1-10):  9 (Never, ever, ever, ever, ever trust a third-party vendor until you hold the product in your hands and know it works.)

Entertainment level (1-10): 4 (E&& is laughing.  They think this is funny.  They have my precious.  I must slay them and take my precious.)

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re: <b>Vendors....We shall slay them and take their precious.
Third party vendors do suck. And I've worked for some of them, before I actually knew what I was doing.

It's amazing what some people's idea of a "good design" is.

Sorry to hear about your frustrations.

re: <b>Vendors....We shall slay them and take their precious.
Oh, and if all those diagrams are indeed in the Services Agreement, and they didn't fulfill them, they owe you a check for your money back.

And if they don't give it, kill them

re: Vendors....We shall slay them and take their precious.
Well, you are on an OS that is drive letter limited. If Windows were more like Unix in this respect that would help a lot.

re: Vendors....We shall slay them and take their precious.
Windows cater for 26 drives .... MAX. Been there, cried those tears on a consolidation server

I feel your pain - I have it now looking at snap automation