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PASS 2004 - Part 3

WOW....what an interesting last couple days.  I was priviliged to attend a couple incredible meetings.  I was unfortunate enough to attend a session that was not so great (cough, cough)!!!!!  Such is life in the world of conferences.  :)

SQL Server Locking Internals and Troubleshooting - **Good**

This session covered a lot of the tools and techniques used by PSS in troubleshooting issues.  He went really into depth on how scheduling, threading, fibers, crabbing work.  SQL Server 2005 is changing the way threads are allocated.  By allocating them to tasks, we will be able to get better management of available threads.  It also now supports the option to dynamically change threads.  Right now it requires a reboot.  

There were also a lot of good utilities covered.  It's good stuff I tell you.  Everyone should check out the new read80trace tool available at Microsoft. 

DBA 101 – SQL Server 2005:  Transferring Existing Skills to a New Platform - **Needs Help**

This session was not so great.  The session speaker didn't seem to actually know that much about 2005.  I'm not sure how much he actually used it.  It would be nice to have a session that compares the two and gives you items to watch out for as a DBA.

Prescriptive Architecture Guidance on SQLCLR - **ROCKS!!!!!!!!** Speaker - Ramachandran Ven Katesh


This guy is now one of my heros.  :)  He should speak or train SQL Server for a living.  He explained the architecture of the CLR, including CLR, best practices, examples, etc.  Many of his samples can be found by searching MSDN.  If you are a PASS member and didn't get to attend, buy the conference DVD and download his slides.  It will be worth it. 


He also showed us the Visual Studio database project in 2005.  This is a project that allows you to debug and register items automatically in a database.  It's much easier than the Beta 1 way of doing things.  In addition, it allows debugging of both CLR and TSQL in the same context.  It's a great upgrade and tool.  One of the things I'm really looking forward to is being able to tell vendors I don't let them put XPs on my server because the SUCK!!!  It was nice to hear an MS person say the same thing.  The CLR chnages all that.


Relational Data Warehousing with SQL Server 2005 - **Good**


After this, I'm tempted to ONLY attend conferences with MS speakers.  They have really done a great job with their presentations this week.  We covered the vast improvements to partitioned, indexed views.  They have been extended to allow use in more situations.  They have also improved the matching algorithms and now allow concurrent processing against multiple segments of the index.  Index functions have also been expanded with online index functions and the INCLUDE clause.


Enhancing your SQL career by making a name for yourself - **Good**


I typed my blog in this session.  It was great.  :)  Seriously, the biggest thing it stressted was:


DO SOMETHING!!!  Help people out, write a blog, answer a question, start a website.  It pays off in the end.


Later....I'm out of here!!!!


Legacy Comments

re: PASS 2004 - Part 3
I also attended DBA 101 seminar. It was really bad. Speaker hardly knew his subject or for that matter what he was talking about. He pretty much read the slides, which even 10 year old could do. People spend a lot of money to come to these events with the hope to get knowledge which is not easily accessible from other sources.
I was really upset with this presentation.