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Have I mentioned???????

That EMC sucks!!!!  :)  We lost yet another hard drive today on the CX-700.  I would say I'm surprised, but lightning would strike me dead on the spot. 

We are buying EMC Replication Manager, which will allow us to save a LOT of disk space.  We currently have multiple copies of production for QA, UAT, Release, Enhancement Release, Mirror for parallel testing, Development, Backup, and Testing.  That consumes a considerable amount of space.  The SnapView technology from EMC lets you make a copy of production.  You can then have one of the other environments look at a “snap” of that copy.  The snap takes up about 15% of the original copy size, AND you can refresh it in a few seconds to make it look like the copy when you originally refreshed it.  The advantages of this are obvious in a rapid development environment. 

Adding Replication Manager will allow us to mount multiple snaps of the same LUN or copy onto the same host.  This will allow us to save space on consolidated QA, UAT, Mirror, ER, and Test server because instead of each environment having it's own copy of production, we will be able to maintain one or two copies and all the environments snap off those.  The cost in disk space will decrease by thousands of dollars, paying for the product in the first six month.  In addition, the flexibility to add additional testing and training environments will increase as disk space is freed up.

Anyway......just thought the world might want to know.  We have several terabytes of SQL Server disk space.  Anytime, we can find a way to add flexibility to the environment and lower the overall space cost, it's huge. 

Legacy Comments

EMC, ERM and Snapshot

I taught replication manager for two years, I like the product and it does a tremendous amount of work. But; you don't need it to use snapshots. ERM is simply an easier way to create your point-in-time copies and it mounts them itself which is very cool.

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