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Experiences with SQL Server

DTLoggedExec v Released

After a while I've realeased a new version of DTLoggedExec, the DTExec replacement: Compiled to support 32bit and 64bit platforms (32bit and 64bit executables are available in the zipped file) Updated the ConsoleLogProvider to add a more detailed logging of OnError events. Read more →

Who runs my Sql Server Agent job steps?

To know under which security context your job step will be run, go ahead and read the following: The job step is a T-SQL stepIf the job owner is an account that is in the sysadmin fixed server role, than your step will be executed under the account used by the Sql Server Agent service. Read more →

New Sql Server 2000 Agent Article

A lot of people mail me question about problem with sheduled DTS Packages. This article should explain *clearly* and *finally* which account is used to run job steps: http://www.davidemauri.it/dasBlog/PermaLink.aspx?guid=bb70884a-32c8-4124-a0ab-4a33ba6d186d Update: As requested the article is also available here: Read more →