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Experiences with SQL Server

New Blog Address

I’ve decided to invest more time in writing blog posts in English…I’ve blogged intensively in Italian so far, but I did only seldom post in English. I decided to start from scratch and to be more constant in it, and as all new started I needed a new blog, that I decided to open here: Read more →

SSIS Package Parameters

With the latest release of DTLoggedExec, I’ve also added a nice functionality to make package runtime configuration a little easier, introducing the concept of “Package Parameters”. I’ve now updated the documentation adding details on how to use this new feature (is *really* easy, but is *really* useful) and, as usual, you can find it on DTLoggedExec wiki: Read more →

SQL Bits Demo & Slides available online

For all those who came at SQL Bits, and also for all those who didn’t manage to came, and would like to have slides and demos to play with my DTLoggedExec tool, everything can be found here: Read more →

PASS Europe 2009

This year I’ll also speak at PASS Europe 2009. Here I’ll deliver a session dedicated to help developers to maximize performance with their SQL Queries, using a set-based approach, insteand of the simpler but usually less scalable and efficient row-by-row solution: Read more →

SQL Server Performance Workshop: Siebel, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft

If you’re using SQL Server as the database for on of the well-known enterprise applications like Siebel, JD Edwards or Peoplesoft you may be very interested in the workshops that Frank McBath, a well known expert in the integration between Microsoft and Oracle field (btw did you know that a Microsoft Oracle Center of Excellence exists? Read more →

DTLoggedExec v Released

After a while I've realeased a new version of DTLoggedExec, the DTExec replacement: Compiled to support 32bit and 64bit platforms (32bit and 64bit executables are available in the zipped file) Updated the ConsoleLogProvider to add a more detailed logging of OnError events. Read more →

Useful index scripts

At this address http://www.davidemauri.it/SqlScripts.aspx i've released four scripts that simplify the usage of SQL Server 2005 DMVs to discover, analyze and understand indexes usage and health. They are nothing exceptional, juts a shortcut to common (but long to write) queries. Read more →

DTLoggedExec v released!

Finally I've realeased a new version of my DTLoggedExec tool. A lots of improvement from the first public version: -Switched to a fully pluggable architecture to support 3rd party plugins -Added "LogEvent" command line switch to choose which events should be logged -Added support for Expression logging -Added "Package Name" and "Container ID" values in the console log Read more →

DTLoggedExec page online

I've created a dedicated page for my DTLoggedExec tool. http://www.davidemauri.it/dtloggedexec.aspx By the end of the month (June) i'll put online the full source code. The code and the application are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2. Read more →

SSIS Logging: DTLoggedExec news

I've been able to work a little on my DTLoggedExec project in this last week. You can find a log execution result here: http://www.davidemauri.it/files/DTLoggedExec_test_output.txt DTLoggedExec now supports some of the original DTExec options and is able to log even variables values, as you may see from the link above. Read more →