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DTLoggedExec Relased: profile your dataflow!

With the help of these last Holydays, I've been able to release the latest version of DTLoggedExec, the DTExec replacement tool I've been developing from 2006.

Beside the usual deep logging of Control Flow, this new version brings a very important and powerful feature: the ability to log and thus profile the Dataflow. This means that is it possible to deeply monitor the performance of ETL through time, also verifying how every change we do impact on it. Here's some examples that I've used on a customer:

Quality-Of-Service DataFlow-Performance-Overall-Processed-Rows Package-DataFlow-Performance-Over-Time


But where's the news here? Creating a Dataflow using RowCount transformations allows you to do that already! Yeah - I know - but here's the trick: you don't need to develop your packages using any specific transformation or technique in order to have such logging and profiling! Just run the package using DTLoggedExec with the option for profiling and that's it! Logging and profiling out-of-the-box served freshly!

DTLoggedExec is compatible with SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008, and with any processor architecture.

To help people to start to use it, I've created a specific website you can refer to:


For any question don't hesitate to check the FAQ website section or contact me directly!


Executable and source code is hoste on CodePlex, under a Creative Common license: