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Experiences with SQL Server

PASS Europe 2009

PASS2009_021_120x240This year I’ll also speak at PASS Europe 2009. Here I’ll deliver a session dedicated to help developers to maximize performance with their SQL Queries, using a set-based approach, insteand of the simpler but usually less  scalable and efficient row-by-row solution:

Set Based solution: an approach for developers

Set based solution are what any developer needs to have performance and scalability on his database solution. Unfortunately thinking in set is something that may seems to be difficult at the beginning and as so many developers go for a seems-to-be-easier procedural approach. But this "easier" way leads to lower performance and poor scalability, and, at the end, to a way more complex code, difficult to maintain and bug-prone. In this session we'll see how to use a set-based approach to solve problems, even those problems that for most developers seems solvable only using a procedural approach and than we will compare the two different approach to show the difference in terms of scalability, performance and complexity. You'll be amazed of the performance and maintability boost you can give to your applications!

In general I must say that I’m impressed by the quality of this edition, the PASS European Conference is really growing better every year! Just look at the speakers list and you’ll have a good idea of what to expect. Then go and check the agenda: I’m pretty sure that you’ll be amazed as I did! All sessions are so interesting that I’d like to see all of them!

Last – but not leat – remember that if you register before March 6 you can take advantage of the Early Bird discount.