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Clustering for Mere Mortals (Pt1)

This past Saturday I enjoyed the hospitality of the Tampa SQLSaturday(#32) team.My presentation was “Clustering for Mere Mortals”.Unlike many clustering presentations, I had demonstration content.This resulted in the most asked question being “Do you have instructions on how you built that? Read more →

SQL 2005 Patching

I just got this question from a blog reader: We have a SQL 2005 cluster active/passive. Under my understanding, it would be neccesary to apply patches into a Testing environment, if working fine, proceed to the production environment. Read more →

Zune Revival

Looks like the Great Zune Massacre of 2008 was a day 366 issue. Again, someone forgot to throw out the code from the lowest ten percent of the Stack-Rank system. Sorry to sound harsh, but this is type of thing will flunk you out of Programming 101. Read more →


Yes, I own a 30 GB Zune.Yes, it crashed today.Yes, I am unhappy. Having worked in the computer industry for many years now, I watched many companies deal with failed products. Read more →

Online Reindex = ON

For the past several editions, SQL Books On-Line (BOL) has helpfully included a script to rebuild or defragment (since 2000) an index. Being Microsoft, this script is NOT located under the reindex or defragmentation topic, it is included in the fragmentation analysis section. Read more →

SQL2008 Clustering Changes

Last week I stopped by the SQL Lounge at the PASS summit in Denver. I met a Microsoft employee named Max Verun, whose official title is Program Manager - Manageability and Servicing Platform. Read more →