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Unhelpful Help

Up until SQL 2012, I recommended installing Books On-Line (BOL) anywhere you installed SQL Server. It made looking up reference information simpler, especially when you were on a server that didn’t have direct Internet access. Read more →

So long and thanks for the fish…

This marks my last post as a SQLPASS Board member. I learned a lot during my year of service and I thank everyone involved for this opportunity. I would especially like to thank the Chapter leaders and Regional Mentors for Virtual Chapters who (mostly) patiently taught me about Virtual Chapters. Read more →

A Rose by Any Other Name..

It is always a good start when you can steal a title line from one of the best writers in the English language. Let’s hope I can make the rest of this post live up to the opening. Read more →

Virtual Lab part 2–Templates, Patterns, Baselines

Once you have a good virtualization platform chosen, whether it is a desktop, server or laptop environment, the temptation is to build “X”. “X” may be a SharePoint lab, a Virtual Cluster, an AD test environment or some other cool project that you really need RIGHT NOW. Read more →

Tell me a Story

I recently had a friend ask me to review his resume. He is a very experienced DBA with excellent skills. If I had an opening I would have hired him myself. Read more →

Virtual Lab (part 1)

No, not that kind of Virtual Lab. I mean a virtualization based laboratory so you can experiment with test systems. While there are many uses and configurations for a virtual lab, my primary configuration is a laptop based environment because I am often at client sites that do not allow outbound access to remote systems for security reasons so I need something I can take with me. Read more →

SQLSaturday #89 Atlanta 2011

The schedule is out and it is a hot one. We have a super lineup of regional and national level speakers as well as some brand new local ones. We have Adam Machanic (blog, twitter) coming down from Boston to share his expertise. Read more →

PASS Election Process 2011

Two years ago I wrote about how screwed up the SQL PASS elections process was, mainly due to the small candidate to seat ratio. That post included a harsh comment comparing the election to a game of musical chairs. Read more →

PASS Summit Location

Both Tom LaRock and Andy Warren recently posted blogs on PASS Summit 2013 locations. As was announced at the 2010 Summit, we have a contract that keeps the Summit in Seattle for 2011 and 2012. Read more →


By now those that are interested have noticed the latest PASS board changes.Two members resigned for professional reasons.Myself and Mark Ginnebaugh were asked to serve the remainder of their terms.As per the usual practice, the board reached out to non-winning candidates from the prior slate. Read more →

How Low Can You Go

I was recently called in to what has to be the most interesting low-availability environment I have ever seen. There was not any single thing that I had not seen before, but to see all of them together in one place was truly amazing. Read more →


Last night I had the privilege of sitting at Kevin Kline’s dinner table with some of my fellow community leaders for a serious discussion.Note that I am not talking about Board members or Nom-Com members (although one of each was there), I mean “in the trenches” local community leaders. Read more →


Why?   No technical content on this one, sorry.   A couple of weeks ago, I signed up as a candidate for the Board of Directors for SQLPASS.Many of the other candidates have posted on why they chose to run. Read more →

SQLSaturday 33 Observations

Along with a lot of my colleagues, I went to SQLSaturday #33 in Charlotte this last weekend. Overall a really good event, especially for a first-time organizer. There is some controversy over certain events where my name got mentioned so I thought I would clear the air. Read more →

MacGyver Moments

Denny Cherry tagged me to write about my best MacGyver Moment. Usually I ignore blogosphere fluff and just use this space to write what I think is important. However, #MVP10 just ended and I have a stronger sense of community. Read more →