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So long and thanks for the fish…

This marks my last post as a SQLPASS Board member.  I learned a lot during my year of service and I thank everyone involved for this opportunity.  I would especially like to thank the Chapter leaders and Regional Mentors for Virtual Chapters who (mostly) patiently taught me about Virtual Chapters.   I hope the changes I put in place will help strengthen and grow VCs and PASS going forward.  I would also like to thank every one who encouraged me to reach beyond my comfort zone and accept a leadership position within the PASS organization. 

My overall principle was to be a good steward of the PASS community.  Could I have done more?  Always. Did I do enough?  I hope so.  But PASS is a volunteer organization and my time, like yours, is limited.  I have other obligations in life that supersede PASS.  Now I have more time for some of those.  I won’t be going away or leaving the SQL Community.  I will still contribute to the community and support PASS, just in a different role.  Time to let somebody else enjoy the hot seat for a while.

Finally, everyone who voted (not just for me) deserves a thanks.  More voters and more engaged voters, strong candidates, and a vigorous debate were all I wanted out of declaring as a candidate last year. This year the SQL community got exactly that.

Thank you..