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Successful Failure

Microsoft has successfully migrated its SQL Server support forums to a platform guaranteed to eliminate an estimated 20-30% of all corporate users. By including the word "social" in the URL, most corporate firewalls will block access automatically. Read more →

PowerShell, Sport of the Future

<w:sdtpr></w:sdtpr><w:sdt id="89512082” title="Post Title” storeitemid="X_19133381-BE7C-4F1A-98DF-18F2EE424C7F” text="t” docpart="DC9F1CADC2C240489A71F0D7E99C41C2” xpath=”/ns0:BlogPostInfo/ns0:PostTitle"></w:sdt>No wait, that’s kickboxing.PowerShell is the something of the future.The management interface, the uber-scripting language, the what??? PowerShell, and its SQL-targeted implementation shipped with SQL Server 2008, brings to mind Michael Faraday’s response when asked “What use is electricity? Read more →

More, More, More

Fast on the heels of SQL 2008 is the Feature Pack for SQL 2008. Cool goodies include stand-alone installers for SQLCMD and the SQL Native Client, SQL 2008 Server Management Objects, SQL 2008 pre-defined Policies, and lots more. Read more →


Hopefully, I won't need a CATCH Block.  In case that opening sentence didn't give you a hint, I am a bit of a tech geek. Bill Graziano talked me into joining this merry band while at the PASS summit last week. Read more →