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Introduction Part 1

I started a Blog a few weeks ago to share my knowledge of SSIS with people.  I didn't think it would really get anyone's attention, I just felt like I needed to get information out there because so many people do horrible things with this technology!  In any case, through my blog (all 2 posts :P) and some interaction with a system I had built at a previous employer I drew the attention of Bill here at SQLTeam.com.  He has asked me to blog here, so I am moving the contents of my old Blog (it was Blogger and the interface kinda sucked a lot) to here.  I have my original post and then the start of a technical series that will be 3 or 4 LONG posts.  That is how I got here.  I've also started posting in the forums under the moniker Qualis.  Feel free to mock me endlessly if you wish, but be sure that I will correct HORRIBLE solutions where I find them!

Legacy Comments

re: Introduction Part 1
welcome to the pack!

Scott Whigham
re: Introduction Part 1
Welcome :)

I wish you had an "About" page as I don't even know your name! It seems like an interesting blog and I'm guessing you are James Nix since that's what the copyright says at the bottom. Here in your introduction post you mention your moniker Qualis but you don't have your real name.

Who are you?

re: Introduction Part 1
I just added a link to my LinkedIn profile under the Personal Links section. Yes, my name is James Nix. ;)