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.NET nuance

There's a few web apps that I've done in recent months that needed to accomodate an image upload. Every now and then, we'd get emails from Mac users claiming that they were unable to upload images. Read more →

SQL to PDF mailing labels

If anyone is ever looking for the ability to write dynamic PDF files from .NET, may I recommend using iTextSharp. http://sourceforge.net/projects/itextsharp/  I just got done with some programming that accepts input from a web page, grabs the correspondnig data from SQL, then writes this data to a PDF file which is formatted for printing mailing labels (standard Avery 5160's). Read more →

Ugly Marketing List Cleaned Up

A client of mine purchased an opt-in b2b marketing list, and wanted to send an email to everyone on the list. Yes, I know, quasi-spam. He's not sending it from any of my servers, so he'll have to find somewhere else to do so. Read more →