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Cross Join Updates!

A couple of quick blog updates for those that are interested:

A Comment Milestone!

Recently, I realized that I have received 1,000 comments since this little blog was started way back in September 2003.  Has it really been that long!?  Some of the comments are trackbacks, but overall, it's pretty amazing to think about.  Only about 30% of them are people calling me a moron, which is an excellent ratio and well above what I expected.  In all seriousness, though, I love getting feedback, and it is a lot of fun to debate techniques and ideas, so please be sure to leave me a note whenever you enjoy a post or if you think it could be better.


I have set my blog up with FeedBurner, which means you can subscribe to the default RSS feed, or the FeedBurner one.  In addition, if you are interested, a great new feature is that you can get email notifications when new posts are added to my blog by clicking here.  It's easy to use and works really well.  All of this is featured in the new "subscribe" section on the left hand side of all the pages.

Other Feedback and the Contact Form

If you have any generic questions or criticisms, or if there are any topics that you feel I may be able to explain better or more clearly, please let me know.  I try to feature a silly little "mailbag" post every now and then, where I respond to questions and comments submitted, and a lot of times it can be fun.   For general SQL questions, be sure to visit the SQLTeam forums, but for more "philosophical" discussions, or for ideas on general techniques discussed here or that you feel I may be able to address at least semi-intelligently, please send it along via the contact page.


Finally, thanks for everyone for reading!