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Random Thoughts & Cartesian Products with Microsoft SQL Server

How to be an Effective Report Writer

Learn the Database Schema Before you can write any reports off of any system, you must be familiar with the schema you are working with. Print out the data dictionary, schema diagrams, documentation -- anything you can find that will help you work with the database. Read more →

Dear DBA ….

Dear DBA – Thanks so much for helping us developers out with the latest changes you've made to the stored procedures in our system. While it may have been nice if we got together first to discuss these changes, I do appreciate that you worked very hard to make things much easier for us. Read more →

Vulnerable to SQL Injection?

One of the things that troubles me most about SQL Injection is that is seems it is still very misunderstood. Is the following psuedo-code vulnerable to SQL Injection? String SearchTerm = {some user input here, unvalidated and unscrubbed -- uh oh ! Read more →

Another SQL Suduko Solver

There's been quite a few posts out there with SQL implementations of Suduko puzzle solvers: This one is a T-SQL solver, but it really doesn't do any set-based operations and doesn't really make use of SQL that much. Read more →

Programming is a funny thing ….

In most industries, beginners work on simple, short projects, using only the most basic concepts that they have learned. The experts in those industries, meanwhile, work on things that are very large, complicated, difficult to manage, and require lots of time, energy and resources. Read more →