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An abrupt ending and a new beginning

For the past three years of so, I've been blogging about my experiences with Microsoft SQL Server and the lessons I've learned along the way. During that time, I posted some pretty good tutorials, if I do say so myself. In particular, I regularly commented on an often underutilized facet of SQL Server called Notification Services.

For those not very familiar with the topic, Notification Services was initially released as add-on to SQL Server 2000. It's a highly scalable development framework and hosting platform for notification applications. It's based on technologies that most of us already know and love - namely T-SQL, the .NET Framework, and XML. Sounds great right?

With the release of SQL Server 2005, the add-on was brought into the product in a proper manner. It is no longer implemented using extended stored procedures and UDFs, rather it is 100% within SQL Server. Additionally other new enhancements, such as the newly exposed object model, seemingly paved the way for new and exciting future development.

However, all of that abruptly changed. Deeply buried inside the readme file for the July CTP of Katmai, Microsoft quietly announced a departure from the normal feature depreciation plan. The readme stated that Notifications Services would no longer be included in the product. The following is an excerpt from that ReadMe file.

"SQL Server Notification Services will not be included as a component of SQL Server 2008, but will continue to be supported as part of the SQL Server 2005 product support life-cycle. Moving forward, support for key notification scenarios will be incorporated into SQL Server Reporting Services. Existing Reporting Services functionality, such as data driven subscriptions, addresses some of the notification requirements. Features to support additional notification scenarios may be expected in future releases."

Oddly enough, at roughly the same time as that "announcement", the system that I have been using for blogging had some minor issues that eventually led to me losing the past 3 years worth of tutorials, postings, and commentary. Arrghh!

So, here I am. After a rather abrupt ending to my blogging efforts of the past three years and to the product feature within SQL Server that I have found to be very worthwhile despite not being widely adopted, I am turning a new page - a new blog site here on and a new, broader focus for my blogging efforts. It's a new day and life is good.



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re: An abrupt ending and a new beginning
A very sincere welcome Joe!

re: An abrupt ending and a new beginning

Great to see you here! Welcome to the asylum. :)


re: An abrupt ending and a new beginning
Welcome to the team, Joe!

Joe Webb
re: An abrupt ending and a new beginning
Thanks guys!