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Make your voice heard in the SQL Community

I just voted in the PASS 2008 Board of Directors elections. I can tell you the decision was not an easy one. And I'm glad!

The SQL Server community is a rather close knit group of people. By that I don't mean that it's some kind of "old boy" network. I'm not even talking about an organization like PASS that attempts to represent or to serve the community. No, I'm talking about the community as a whole. Although the installations of SQL Server are vast and its use is broad, the community of professionals that actively seek out to help others in the community is close knit. (Note: close knit is not a synonym for small.) The people in the community are approachable and willing to help. And many know the other participants pretty well.

And such it was for me in this year's election. I know all of the candidates. And I know that they are doers, that they have good SQL Server skills but more importantly, good business and interpersonal skills. And they genuinely love the SQL Server community.

I'm glad the decision was tough, that the list of candidates is full of really qualified people who I believe will represent the SQL Server community well.

You can read more about each of them here. Get out and vote and make your voice heard!



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re: Make your voice heard in the SQL Community
I completely agree, Joe! I cast my vote this morning and I was more excited about the candidates than I ever have been. And some of that credit goes to the PASS web site folks for putting up good candidate information for me to review, since I do not know all of the candidates. Well done, PASS!