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SQLTeach Vancouver 2009 Sessions are online

Yesterday I posted a short blog about DevLink in the middle Tennessee area. Today, I'd like to make sure that you're aware of another great event in the great northwest - DevTeach/SQLTeach.

DevTeach/SQLTeach is a wonderful event put on largely by volunteers led by Jean-Rene (JR) Roy. It's got a good combination of developer tracks and SQL Server tracks. So if you're a developer with a bent for database application, this event is right up your alley.

Earlier this week, DevTeach/SQLTeach released their lineup of speakers and sessions. Have a look at them and I'm sure you'll find quite a few to your liking. I'll be there. Hope to see you there too.



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Arthur Fuller
re: SQLTeach Vancouver 2009 Sessions are online
I attended SQLTeach in Montreal and it was the greatest conference I have ever attended. Besides gathering a huge amount of knowledge in a very short time, I also had the pleasure of meeting and dining with several legends in this business. Paul Nielson, Joe Webb and several others come to mind.

If you can persuade your company to finance the trip, go for it at once. If you can't, think about paying for it yourself. It will be worth every dollar spent.

Incidentally, the food in Montreal was great, and JR (Jean Rene) has the magic ability to remember names of people he met only once six months ago. That may help to explain why his conferences are so excellent. Five minutes ago you unpacked your suitcase and went downstairs and JR greets you by name and you haven't seen him for months.

To be fair to others, when I first spotted Paul Nielson walking by I called out to him and told him that his SQL Bible is by far the most thumbed-through book in my collection. After that I attended to of his seminars and at each one he greeted me by name. It gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling.

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re: SQLTeach Vancouver 2009 Sessions are online
I am from Vancouver, but it seems a long time that there is no online sessions here since their last.