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User interfaces are not my thing.

Ever get about three quarters of the way into a project and realize you really don't like the way the interface is working out? The webapp I'm currently spending most of my time on requires alot of data on the screen spread over multiple tables so for updates I use alot of popups that allow edits of logical groups of data. For some reason I can't put my finger on I just don't like the way it feels. Too far in to change it now, maybe for version 2 (famous last words).

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Marcus Tucker
re: User interfaces are not my thing.
That sounds very familiar! lol ;)

In a recent app I radically changed the navigation system at about the 60% completion mark because it just wasn't working. Fortunately because I write everything in a modular way (and there weren't too many individual scripts), the changes weren't too time consuming to implement. The way it is now, I could completely redesign the navigation system (within reason) by simply modifying the navigation class and/or tweaking the CSS stylesheet! :)