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BIDS Helper 1.6 Beta released!

A new version of this fantastic tool, used by Microsoft BI Stack developers, is out. Now it’s compatible with SQL Server 2012. In this post, Teo Lachev gives us more details. Read more →

Let’s keep informed with “Data Explorer”

At Pass Summit 2011 a new project was announced. It’s a Microsoft SQL Azure Lab and its codename is Microsoft “Data Explorer”. According to the official blog (, this new tool provides an innovative way to acquire new knowledge from the data that interest you. Read more →

A new version of SQL Treeo released

A new SQL Treeo update is available at Lot of bugs fixed so now it seems to be a stable add-on for SSMS. The full change log is available here: Read more →

Custom Folders in SSMS Object Explorer? Yes, we can!

When you have a huge objects’ number in SSMS Object Explorer, you often get lost in finding items. So it’d be useful to catalog those objects in folders, in order to follow an application’s logical layer subdivision, for example. Read more →