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Microsoft Webcasts

I spent my lunch time today watching a Microsoft webcast that was shown live back on April 7 (today is May 20).  I'm impressed and appreciative that Microsoft has put energy into making these available “after-the-fact”.  They have webcasts on a variety of topics (SQL Server, Visio, Project, Writing Secure Code, etc., etc.) and if you're like me and SQL Server is not the only thing you do, you might find these handy.  Just go to http://www.microsoft.com/webcasts and you'll have the option to pick your category and see a schedule of upcoming live broadcasts as well as view a list of webcasts from the current and previous months.  Check 'em out!

Legacy Comments

Derrick Leggett
re: Microsoft Webcasts
I've been watching past SQL Server and .NET weblogs each night for the past couple weeks. It's free training; and many of the webcasts are high quality.

re: Microsoft Webcasts
Is there a french version please ???