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What NOT To-Do

One of my favorite authors on the subject of Leadership is Dr. John C. Maxwell.  Occasionally, he talks about how most people have To-Do lists, but more importantly, he recommends that leaders develop a NOT-To-Do list.  I was reminded of this while watching the video of Jason Fried (from 37signals) present at the 2008 Business of Software conference.  He has some provocative comments about the evils of specifications, along with some really good ideas.  Find an hour to sit and watch it, and then come up with your own Not-To-Do list.

Legacy Comments

Adam Machanic
re: What NOT To-Do
Good stuff. In a similar vein, Peter DeBetta and I will be presenting a talk at the PASS conference called "[Anti]Patterns and [Mal]Practices: Learning to do Things Right by Evaluating How Others Have Done Them Wrong". Always fun to look at the other side of the best practices equation!