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Fix for EF4 Profiler Issue Coming in next Cumulative Update

Hey!  What do you know?  Microsoft Connect really works!

I was very happy this morning to open my email and find a notice from Umachandar on the SQL Programmability Team that they have created a fix for the Odd Profiler Results with EF4 issue that I wrote about last June.  Not only did I blog about it, but I logged an item to Connect with repro steps and sample code.  And now, they have announced that they have a fix for this problem and that it will be included in the next Cumulative Update for SQL Server 2008 R2.

For those of you not running 2008 R2, or who prefer to wait for full Service Packs rather than install the latest Cumulative Updates, I also wrote about a workaround for the issue, as long as you do not require the Multiple Active Result Sets feature to be enabled.

It is easy with Microsoft to get the feeling that you’re just shouting in the wind, and it is nice to get validation once in a while that they really are listening.