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Source Control and SQL Development – Part 3

In parts one and two of this series, I have been specifically focusing on the latest version of SQL Source Control by Red Gate Software. But I have been doing source-controlled SQL development for years, long before this product was available, and well before Microsoft came out with Database Projects for Visual Studio. Read more →

Play Your Position Until the Play Breaks Down…then Do Whatever it Takes.

If I didn’t know better, I would think that K. Brian Kelley (blog | twitter) has been listening in on conversations with my boss. In his recent blog post Successful Teams: Knowing When to Step Out of Your Role, Brian describes quite clearly a philosophy that my boss has been trying to get across to everyone in the department. Read more →

PASS Summit 2010 Recap

Last week I attended my eighth PASS Summit in nine years, and every year it is a fantastic event! I was fortunate my first year to have a contact (Bill Graziano (blog | Twitter) from SQLTeam) that I was expecting to meet, and who got me started on a good track of making new contacts. Read more →

SQL Saturday 43 in Redmond

I attended my first SQLSaturday a couple of days ago, SQLSaturday #43 in Redmond (at Microsoft). I got there really early, primarily because I forgot how fast I can get there from my home when nobody else is on the road. Read more →

Odd Profiler Results with EF4

I have been doing some testing of using the Microsoft Entity Framework 4 with stored procedures and ran across some really odd results in SQL Server Profiler. The application that is running which uses Entity Framework 4 is a simple Web Application written in C#, and the Entity Data Model is actually contained in a referenced class library of its own. Read more →

More Maintenance Plan Weirdness

I’m not a big fan of the built-in Maintenance Plan functionality in SQL Server. I like the interface in SQL 2005 better than 2000 (it looks more like building an SSIS package) but it’s still a bit of a black box. Read more →

Mythbusters – SQL Edition

I love the Mythbusters television show. That has to be one of the coolest jobs in the world…it involves investigation, problem solving, science, trial & error, searching for the truth, robotics and remote controls, and in the end, you usually get to blow stuff up. Read more →